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優良熟普 - 厚、滑、糯、陳、純,口感飽滿順滑,湯色紅濃透亮。有提高免疫力、暖胃散寒、去肥消膩、降低膽固醇水平和抗癌等功效。

Premium Ripe Pu’er (aged since 2013)

Osmanthus Pu'er has smooth and round-bodied with earthly aroma. It contains anti-flammatory properties which improves redness, swelling, and irritation. It helps with digestion and eliminates toxins from our bodies. It also has anti-aging qualities, it encourages weight loss.


2013年一級熟普-散裝茶罐 Premium Ripe Pu'er (aged since 2013) loose leaf teas

HK$348.00 Regular Price
HK$313.20Sale Price

Origin: Mengku Daye Tea, Yunan, Guilin (Osmanthus), China

Approximate Net Weight: 130g

Product Standard: SC11453080216334

Storage: Keep in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight

Shelf life: Long-term storage

PD: March, 2013