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Tangerine Pu’er
Premium Ripe Pu’er (aged since 2003), Tangerines

When the orange peel is not yet ripe, tangerines are dried and skillfully hollowed out, being filled with aged Ripe Pu’er to make this artisanal tea. The combination of the warming citrus essence of young tangerine and the earthy flavour of the Pu’er is soothing and nourishing. In addition to Ripe Pu’er’s probiotic benefits, long-term Pu’er drinking may also encourages weight loss, reduce cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of cancer.


Other informations:

Storage: Keep in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight 
Approximate Net Weight: 9g x 11pcs
Product Standard: SC11453080216334 
Origin: 易武古树茶, Yunnan (Pu’er); Xinhui (Tangerine), China 
Packaging: Hong Kong
Best Before:Long-term storage

03年小青柑简易包裝 Tangerine Pu’er (03 Pu'er) simple package

HK$458.00 Regular Price
HK$412.20Sale Price